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Hive tracking and record keeping, online and on mobile.

Beetight is a free web application for beekeepers and is the best way to manage your hives and track them online or on your phone. You'll wonder how you ever survived with the old notebooks and spreadsheets! All hive types are supported, including Langstroth polyLangstroth, WBCWBC, BeehausBeehaus, NationalNational, WarreWarre, TBHTop bar hives.

“Beetight is the future of hive record keeping”– Bee Culture

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Beetight mobile

A thousand hives in your pocket

  • Free for Beetight Pro users.
  • Record new inspections, even when offline.
  • Syncs automatically with
  • Browse old inspection details.
  • Display outstanding tasks for each hive.
  • Take and upload inspection photos.
  • Scan hive barcodes for instant access.
  • Display apiary locations on map.

Hive inspection

Easy inspection records

  • Easily record details of inspections and manipulations
  • Record treatments and feeding
  • Track colony temperament
  • Record honey harvests, including records of nectar sources and batch codes


  • See all apiaries and hives sites at a glance.
  • Show locations on a map, and view current weather at each site
  • Record primary forage at each site
Hive Detail

Hive records

  • View all details of a hive at a glance.
  • Track colony sources and queen parentage

Smart hive labels

  • Quickly identify your hives with printable labels
  • Most smartphones can read the special barcodes using their built-in camera
  • Pull up hive records instantly
  • Unique short "" link for every hive
Hive Label